Tidligere trainees siger

Livet som trainee

Livet som trainee

Hvordan er det at sejle med i The Tall Ships Races som trainee?

Det svarer et par tidligere trainees på. 100 lokale trainees sejlede i 2014 med fra Bergen til Esbjerg. Det blev en uforglemmelig oplevelse for mange af dem. 

How would you describe the atmosphere on board? 
"Like one big happy family :-)" 
 - Karoline 

"It was calm, nice and basically 'hyggeligt'"
 - Rasmus 

"Informal, everybody was able to speak to each other" 
 - Mads 

"Very good. The crew and mentors are just as much “part of the group” as the trainees"
 - Anne-Margi

What was your best or funniest moment on board? 
"Crewparade, I was the flag carrier" 
 - Martin

"Every moment together of or on the ship with the crew and seeing dolphins"
 - Karoline

"When we moored the ship close to the beach and jumped in the water from the ship"
 - Sebastian

What have you learned about yourself during this voyage?
"I’m a lot tougher than I thought"
- Hedda

"I have learned how to control a Tall Ship trough team work, how to steer and navigate one, and basically a lot of German/ English expressions and sea shanties"
 - Rasmus 

"That I can do a lot more than I think. When I think that I am tired, then I still have energy to work a bit more"
-  Annette

What was your overall experience?
"Fantastic week with new friends" 
- Karoline

"It was so amazing. The crew was absolute fantastic. The afternoons on the sea with the sunset was incredible"
 - Laura

"It is an experience for lifetime"
- Rene

"It was a lifetime experience. To see the view from the top of the mast, sailing with the ship, navigating and learning about how to sail a large Tall Ship. Seeing dolphins and being together with 75 people in a small area being both positive and negative"  - Lisa

 "I didn’t get much sleep, but instead I got a lot of responsibilities"
 - Ane

"What was nice was all the happy, interesting people that made me feel good. A good break from my normal day life"
 - Buster